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      工作時間:周一至周日 8:30-17:30
      Signed Customers


      標簽: 材料公司 催化材料   訪問: 16672022-06-29





      1、公司簡介(Company Profile)



       Dalian Dongke Catalytic Materials Co., Ltd. is established by the staff of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and China University of Petroleum who have been engaged in scientific research for many years. The company focuses on the research direction of petrochemical, coal chemical, natural gas chemical catalyst series, and is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales.

       "Catalyst (Dalian) Technology Sales Center" is the affiliated technology sales center of Dalian Dongke Catalytic Materials Co., LTD.The centre is responsible for catalyst research and development and technology transformation, it has a core team of doctors and masters majoring in catalysis and chemical engineering, and has established an expert information database of "Dongke Home", the core team is in charge of project design, technical proposal, technical consultation and service, product sales and guidance, etc.

      2、企業文化(Corporate Culture):


        In line with the business philosophy of "customer first, win-win cooperation", Dongke will make continuous efforts to provide customers with more professional technical support and better quality products.

      3、催化劑業務(Business scope of catalysts):













      Desulfurization catalyst: naphtha desulfurizer, gasoline hydrorefining, diesel hydrorefining, wax oil hydrorefining, carbon disulfide desulfurizer, mercaptan desulfurizer, hydrolytic agent, super fine desulfurization catalyst

      Dechlorination catalyst: reforming raw material dechlorination agent, reforming oil dechlorination agent, liquefied petroleum gas dechlorination agent, hydrogen dechlorination agent, syngas dechlorination agent

      Deoxidation catalyst: ethylene deoxidation catalyst, propylene deoxidation catalyst, hydrogen deoxidizer, nitrogen deoxidizer, syngas deoxidizer

      Dehydrogenation catalyst: carbon dioxide dehydrogenation agent, carbon monoxide dehydrogenation agent, other dehydrogenation agent

      Methanation catalyst: methanation catalyst for ammonia synthesis, methanation catalyst from coal

      Metal catalyst: acetylene hydrogenation catalyst, catalytic oxidation catalyst, carbon monoxide removal catalyst, arsenic removal catalyst, zinc oxide catalyst

      Molecular sieve, adsorbent: dealcoholization adsorbent, ethanol dehydration molecular sieve, 3A molecular sieve, 4A molecular sieve, 5A molecular sieve, 13X molecular sieve, ZSM-5 molecular sieve, deodorant

      Application Devices:

      Petrochemical industry: hydrogenation device, reforming device, ethylene device, polyethylene device, polypropylene device, PSA hydrogen device, sulfur recovery device

      Coal chemical industry: coal to methanol device, coal to ethanol device, coal to acetic acid device, coal to ethylene glycol device, coal to natural gas device, coal to oil device, coal to olefin device, ammonia urea device,    butanoctanol device, food grade carbon dioxide device, ion membrane caustic soda device, air separation device

      Natural gas chemical industry: natural gas liquefaction device, natural gas methanol device, natural gas hydrogen device, natural gas acetylene device









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